Ready to say goodbye to chronic inflammation?

Naturally lower inflammation, the cause of most autoimmune and chronic health conditions, with this 5-day challenge.

Including inflammation, chronic pain, sleepless nights, and imbalanced hormones...

(works for chronic pain and health conditions too!)

Here's what we're covering:

  • How to naturally reduce inflammation
  • Which exercises help reduce inflammation
  • Losing weight without exercise
  • The link between pain, sleep, and inflammation
  • No fad diets or products here
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Hi, I'm Margreta.

I've been living with an autoimmune condition for more than 20 years.

My symptoms began in high school and got worse in college. But it wasn't until 8 years after the first full autoimmune flare that I received a diagnosis.

I know what it's like to be so tired you can barely move.

So frustrated with your own body because it won't cooperate.

I’ve missed out on so much because the pain and lack of energy kept me sidelined.

As a Medical Exercise Specialist and Pilates trainer, I’ve helped 100s of people like me:

  • Lose weight
  • Gain muscle
  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce joint/body aches and pains
  • And get back to enjoying life again.

Many of my clients find me when they have reached the end of their rope:

  • Frustrated with finding the right nutrition plan for them. One that isn’t complicated, super restrictive, or not based on legit science.
  • Tired of losing muscle mass and gaining weight. Most general exercise plans cause exercise-induced autoimmune flares.
  • Tired of not having the energy to see family and friends
  • Tired of not enjoying life

It's why I've created this 5-day challenge to help people like me, achieve a healthy, fit, and sustainable life.

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Client Testimonials

"You won’t reGreta it! Margreta really knows her stuff and is always keeping up to date on the latest medical info and studies. Margreta is great to work with, she's exceedingly knowledgeable, attentive, patient with a great sense of humor & a top-notch motivator. She genuinely wants to help improve your health and life. She also makes it makes fun while doing so!"

- Tara M. (Grenoble, France)

"I have been training with Margreta for over five years now, 3 days/week. I saw initial results in the first few weeks and kept at it. Even though I exercised regularly before (mostly swimming), my fitness level has dramatically increased since working with her.

I am hypermobile, and I have asthma. I only mention this because Margreta is sensitive to my past injuries, health issues, and limitations, and she is very knowledgeable about how to successfully work within those limitations to improve my overall strength and fitness.

Before training with her I was always uncomfortable with the idea of weightlifting; I didn’t want to injure myself or have a trainer injure me by pushing me into doing things that I simply shouldn’t do. Margreta is an expert trainer, knows the body, and can adjust according to your needs. I enthusiastically recommend her to people of all ages and levels of fitness."

-Jared C. (Baltimore, MD)

"Following neck surgery, I was having difficulty regaining my strength. Margreta immediately went to work focusing on rebuilding my strength along with improving my balance & flexibility.

The results have been absolutely amazing! With Margreta's guidance, I am in better condition than I've been in years. Oh! And I've lost 40 pounds!"

- Pat G. (Perry Hall, MD)

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